About Us

ISPRO Tactical by InstantFigure®  is dedicated and committed to provide the highest quality products to the men and women in uniform serving our country. 

ISPRO Tactical by InstantFigure® is a certified women owned business with over 35 years of experience in the apparel design and manufacturing industry.  Prior to launching ISPRO Tactical, our items were extensively researched and tested by Police, Military, FBI, TSA, Secret Service, and other service personnel.  Through valuable input from men and women in service, we created a product line that offers the ultimate solution for concealed carry apparel that is comfortable, discreet, safe, and secure.  We are proud to offer products that are Made in the U.S.A., Government tested and approved, and Quality Assurance tested and approved. 

ISPRO Tactical is rapidly becoming a must-have brand among government employees.  Service members that purchase our items report feeling better about their appearance and supported throughout their day to day activities.  ISPRO Tactical apparel firms, tones, and smooths lumps, bumps, and bulges, and the proprietary support zones strengthen and straighten the torso, providing back support and improved posture.  This is especially beneficial for service members that sit, stand, or walk for extended periods of time, or perform repetitive motions throughout the day that can create tension in the joints, muscle fatigue, and persistent pain. 

In addition to looking and feeling better, ISPRO Tactical provides a safe, secure, and discrete holster built right into the garment, with dual options for left or right handed individuals.   Our products are so effective and well received by consumers, that our return rate is under 2% across retail outlets.

IS Pro Tactical by InstantFigure® Compression apparel… The Ultimate Concealment product for our men and women in uniform, giving our service personnel the must-have, perfect fit, support, safety, and performance.

.Our compression performance technology utilizes 4-Way stretch fabric which can improve blood flow, enhance mobility for muscles, stimulate oxygen delivery to the muscles, and provide comfort, support, flexibility, and stability.

.Our goal is to give optimal 24-hour support apparel with compression that is comfortable enough to wear all day every day.

.Helps with muscle fatigue and pain resulting from repetitive motions during daily routines.

.These garments have the added benefit of being non-restrictive and allowing 360-degree full range of motion.

.Our Anti-odor and Anti-Bacterial technology prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes to keep your gear fresher, longer.

.Advanced Moisture Transport System to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable and is SPF-50.

.Our shirt targets key areas of your body to provide back support and give greater postural awareness. 

.Customers who wear IS Pro Tactical and Insta Slim products report improvements in their posture, reduced injury, and easier movement patterns.

.Fabric is easy care and machine washable, does not shrink, and retains shape

.Securely and discretely holds handguns. 

.All products are made in the USA (California).